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Vipre antivirus review


Many questions may arise from which of the anti-virus software is the best to use in 2019. But these two anti-viruses have gotten popular by the anti-malware services they both provide. To get the best out of these and make a good decision too, we have to ensure that we take a quick look at each of these anti-viruses, Vipre and other antiviruses.

Vipre provides free protection without extra stuff. It packs good protection and there is no doubt about the quality of the protection that it provides. However, the Vipre do not have a common utility such as a password manager. It replaces this lapse in having protection against phishing and fraudulent sites.

Vipre has a scanner that is available for free however; it is on a different download. This will help to check for devices that are vulnerable and it also check for passwords in your network; it does this by giving you several recommendations that can help you improve your security. Vipre also comes with a free adware and ransomware tool; this also comes as a separate download.

The paid or premium Vipre comes with a game mode option. This is more like a silent mode. It has a secure browser for a safe shopping experience where your baking details and password are kept safe. It also has a file shredder option that helps you delete sensitive files permanently.

The premium service also comes with a wonderful customer support.

Another feature present in the Vipre antivirus is a vulnerability scanner which check for security holes and missing windows patches; it uses its rescue disk option that would remove a deep malicious infection. Attention of users are offered to develop anti-rootkit protection tools that can detect and deactivate dangerous system processes, modules, services, files, additional data streams (Alternate Data Streams) or registry keys.

To combat rootkits, the VIPRE FirstScan mechanism is used, which is launched when the system boots. FirstScan scans specific areas of the hard disk and deletes the infected files detected, acting independently of the OS.

VIPRE also guarantees reliable protection against viruses distributed via e-mail. The product supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and any other email applications that use the POP3 and SMTP protocols.

VIPRE has almost no effect on system performance, the number of pop-up notifications and warnings is minimized.

VIPRE Antivirus is based on Active Protection technology, which is responsible for monitoring the system in real time, working inside the operating system kernel and blocking the work of a potentially dangerous application before running it on a computer with viruses. VIPRE Active Protection uses several common techniques to examine the characteristics of potentially dangerous files. The software can detect threats by comparing virus signatures, and also offers high-performance tools for heuristic and behavioral file analysis.

Bottom line

Vipre would give you a more security based feature and then add an extra utility tool in its security products than Vipre. Several other test will prove that the two software have good protection against different kind of malware; however, Vipre is better than other antiviruses in terms of system performance and impact.