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How to find best antivirus by reddit reviews

What is the best antivirus – Avast, Bitdefender, Scanguard, or TotalAV


Total AV antivirus, although not popular yet it still meets up the minimum requirement for the right protection of your device. It functions just like Avira antivirus, and it was founded in German. Its services are quite standard and with almost half the price of another well-known antivirus brand.

Total Av works perfectly when it is downloaded, and it can help scan your device immediately it is installed. In all, Total Av helps to protect your computer from any virus attack. The most important feature is how the Total Av antivirus helps to prevent your device from attack by ransomware and other spyware files.

There are lots of features that come with the Total AV antivirus, and this will help improve its usability by its users. The handy Guide that comes along with its installation helps to provide an intact privacy policy. It helps to protect your privacy when it is being stolen by hackers online.

Total AV antivirus also comes with a disk cleaner, and this help to improve system performance. Some of the Cons of Total AV is that; it is quite a new brand hence has not gotten the acceptance level from antivirus users. Hence it will take some time before all generally accept it.


Avast has its name among the big tops antivirus. It is quite easy to use and can be used on different devices. Avast supports both the windows, MAC, and the Android platform. One of the benefits of using the Avast Antivirus is that it has a wonderful User interface that almost everyone can relate with.

But Avast can reduce system performance, and this can be a problem. When system performance is reduced, you may want to reconsider using the antivirus. This is because everyone wants to improve performance at all cost.


Several questions would arise from the use of Bitdefender; this is because apart from system protection, it also provides other stuff. It has a scanner available to help scan the system upon every download; this will help prevent any presence of antivirus. Bitdefender also checks for passwords in your network; it does this to help give you good recommendations that can help you improve your password management.

One of the cons of Bitdefender is that most of its feature comes with a separate download, and this does not work well with its users. No one wants to keep downloading new files to use a particular feature in the software.


This antivirus comes with a robust option. It is compatible with lots of features, and this helps your outreach. It comes with a strong VPN service, great responsive customer support, and firewall protection with a password lock.

However, Scanguard has some shady aspect; there is no available lab test result to prove any of its claims, their software is not yet certified, and there are no free trials. Also, for scangaurd, although the first price is very considerable, yet when renewing clients are made to much more.


Avast is considered the best antivirus even though there were some rumors that it sold the data to some other companies.