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Avast safeprice is sucks

Disable Avast antivirus on your device

As you use your PC, some conditions would require that you disable antivirus software from your PC. Maybe when you are trying to install a 3rd party application and Avast is preventing the application from installation. Avast would also prevent you from opening some linked web pages; this may be due to several security risks.

SafePrice add-on is designed for online shopping. It searches on the basis of reliable online stores of similar products and notifies you about more favorable prices. On separate Internet marketplaces, we will see at the top of the browser window a SafePrice add-on in Avast’s proprietary orange color with notification of the best price for a particular product. Together with an indication of the best price in the SafePrice add-on, other offers for the selected product will appear as a drop-down list.

However, it may also mean that this very same plugin collects your browsing and personal data and this information may be sold later to some third party companies. Creepy, right?

In any of these conditions, you may want to get your Avast uninstalled or then you may want to Disable your Avast antivirus during the time of installing the particular app and surfing the internet. There is the option of turning off the antivirus for some time, and also you have the option to disable any scanning which he Avast antivirus may carry out to detect the unwanted program.

Hence there are two methods to stop or disable Avast antivirus, and this will be either permanently or temporarily.

There are some precautions you should take when you want to disable your avast antivirus. You should not ignore these warnings as these are necessary for the safety of your device. Firstly, you should not stop or disable the Avast Security shield if you do not have full knowledge of how it works.

Secondly, do not turn the Avast protection off because your device may then get infected with malware. These two preventions are very key to note.

How then do you uninstall or turn off the Avast antivirus; you should first do a disk scan before turning it off. This will help you overcome the problem of an infected file or malware before installing the 3rd party app or surfing the internet.

As soon as you disable the Avast antivirus, you will turn off all shields and protection on the PC. Here are the steps; it is quite simple.

You should go to the windows taskbar and then look for the avast icon. Sometimes, the icon is not very clear; in this case, you will click on the arrow on top and then right click the avast icon. Immediately, there will be an option of Avast Shields Control; then you should click on it. Choose any of the options, and this depends on the time and duration that you want to keep the Avast disabled. A dialog box will appear that will ask for confirmation; then you click on yes.

Once you have done this, the Avast shield will be turned off, and the time you selected to be disabled will be active. This is the best method to disable Avast antivirus. You can also use this avast antivirus to use this method permanently.

However, if you do not want a total shutdown of all the protection shield, you can pause any of the shields for a time, this can be done through the following steps.

First, you will open the Avast tool interface; double click the avast icon from the desktop. Click on the settings; the settings tab is on the right corner of the user interface. Then go to the components tab. Then you disable the file system shield and any other shield by clicking the switcher by the side.

That’s all.